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Building Web-Based Applications

I have been developing websites and applications for 10+ years. I specialize in building applications that run on web-based technology. Mainly I use Laravel, Next.js and Astro to build applications.

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ID # Statement
M-01 Pragmatism over dogmatism
M-02 Convention over configuration
M-03 Clear duplication over opaque abstraction
M-04 Iteration over perfection
M-05 Critical thinking over blind acceptance
M-06 Modularity over monoliths
M-07 Documentation over ambiguity
M-08 Customer feedback over assumptions
M-09 Long-term thinking over short-term gains
M-10 Autonomy over micromanagement

Client History

Constellatio See reference

Constellatio, 2023

Freelancer, Tech Lead

I lead the development of the initial alpha version of Constellatio. It's a learning platform for law students in Germany.

Technologies used: Next.js, Caisy, Mantine

inBeta See reference

inBeta, 2022 - 2023


inBeta is an expert in the field of executive talent management. I built their newly designed website and was also involved in managing AI-centric application MVPs.

Technologies used: Next.js, OpenAI, Tailwind CSS

Fintory See reference

Fintory, 2022


Years after our first collaboration I was hired again by Fintory to build a new website for them after their rebranding.

Technologies used: Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Sanity, WordPress

Kreativgebiet See reference

Fintory (formerly Kreativgebiet), 2018 - 2023


Fintory (Kreativgebiet at the time) was my first professional client as a freelancer. I was hired to build their redesigned agency website.

Technologies used: Laravel, jQuery

Employment History

Init Visit website

]init[, 2023 - now

Professional Developer

Since founded in the 90s, init is a big player in Germany's public sector. I mostly work on government-related projects and provide knowledge about Next.js.

Technologies used: Next.js, React, Vite, proprietary tools

Perspective Funnels Visit website

Perspective Funnels, 2018 - 2023

Full-Stack Developer

I worked at Perspective during my studies and the first years after graduating. I was responsible for interactive components, used in our funnel website builder.

Technologies used: Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Redux, MongoDB


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Julius Dockwarder
Bessemerstraße 82
10. OG Süd
12103 Berlin

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