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Building Web-Based Applications

When I was about 12 years old a friend introduced me to a website builder. For today's standards it was very rudimentary and not the best looking. But one thing immediately got me hooked. It was the possibility to claim a space on the internet to create whatever I wanted.

This event sparked the interest of building on the web inside me. My first project was a website for my Minecraft server, using the aforementioned website builder. Later the website evolved into a WordPress project with custom plugins and themes. The urge to customize and improve lead me to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Once I was comfortable with the basics I came across React. I was beginning to form solid skills around tools that enabled me to work on some more serious projects.


3 years have passed since I got into web development and I was eager to professionalize what I did. In 2015 I started my freelance business and worked for real clients after school (never during school, of course 👀). My first gig was for an agency, needing their new website design implemented. I'm still in touch with them today. The entire process of working professionally, using the skills I taught myself, felt amazing to me. And it still does to this day.

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